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~FOTD~ E.L.F. Little Black BeautyBook Warm Collection.....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

 There is a catch to these new Spring collection E.L.F. Collection Beauty Books....but I'll get to that in a minute...

This another one of the E.L.F books I got from Target on clearance. I love, LOVE the neutrals in this one, because I'm a neutral lover. Crazy right? Most makeup lovers love bright pigmented colors, I love a strong, pigmented neutral. I like how neutrals can go day to night...they are more versatile than some think!
 I didn't touch those lip colors....they didnt look appealing really, plus I can never find a lip brush. I must own like 7 of them.:/

I used various colors in the neutrals but the problem , the catch, if you will is.....the blending is a sham. You gotta put some elbow grease behind these colors in order for them to blend. Plus, all the hard work can lead to over blending, then you have a blob of a mess!

What do you think? Do you own this book?