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~Haul~ Weekend Sal Val and Yard Sale Goodies!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Here's a haul of some things I picked up at the Sal Val and a yard sale that one woman gave me a plastic bag and told me to fill it up for $3....THREE DOLLARS!

Let's go....
Vintage/Retro Liz Claiborne Floral Handbag...Its probably from the 1980s...LC doesn't make purses anymore, right? I was drawn to the fabulousness of the floral...I wish it had the shoulder strap to go with it.
Diet Cookbooks...I collect diet books, diet cookbooks....they are full of good ideas....
Ok....the clothes are all out of the $3 bag from the yard sale...

White Stag henley for the fall/winter. That stuff from Wal- Mart never holds up well so when you see it in the Goodwill or a yard sale it looks worn to death. But this henley looks brand new.
Worthington sleeveless cowl neck
George striped blazers...I couldn't believe they both fit me!! OMG!!!
This one makes feel like going to Cluster meeting or Regionals. lol!
Newport News sleeveless shirtdress...that fits!! Its a 16. God is GOOD!!!

A demin round skirt...its wayyy too big...I might get it taken it.