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~Weekend Goodwill Haul~ **Picture Heavy:)**

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've been trying to get this post up since Monday but Blogger would only allow me to load five pictures at a time! OMG.

Goodwill. Last Saturday. Before Noon= Awesome Buys!!! I got in there at 11:00, at as early as I would've like, but I got there. The Goodwill I go to is about 45 mins away, too, so I stopped in Starbucks for one of their epic Ice Coffees( sorry McDonald's, you can't touch those...). Check out what I got...and HOW MUCH I got it for!

Vintage Scarves: $.50 a piece
Target Mossimo Bag( brand new) :$6....Don't they still sell this bag, but in canvas?
All of the next three handbags were $ was a "Manager's Choice" item of the day....
This is a Nine West bag and there was another just like it, same color and everything there! How odd!
Looks rough but its actually beautifully worn...

All the clothing pieces were a $1. ONE DOLLAR. All new Target stuff. I was in those racks getting in where I fit in! I cleared them out of the XXLs and some of the XLs.

Liz Lange Maternity cardigans...but hell....they fit!


Eve... on 3:55 PM said...

I need to take start going to the Goodwill..You have found some great items there.. Thanks for the post :)

ChokolatNoir on 6:56 PM said...

LUV the scarves. Very pretty!

CocoagirlD on 1:05 AM said...

You got some really great buys in love with the purses..

Donna on 9:57 PM said...

Last time I was in Goodwill, I got some odds and ends, but nothing too thrilling...except the handbag. I found a Fossil bag and yeah, they made sure they got their money for it, it was priced $15, but it's the softest buttery leather and I adore it. Even at $15 it was a bargain.