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10 Day You Challenge: Ten Secrets....

Monday, July 25, 2011

I saw this challenge on The Blarkness Chronicles and thought it would be fun because I'm serious uninspired for posts these days. Blame it on the Mid-July-heatwave-hell of summer I'm having.:( It always happens around this time of year, things get so rough for me. I can recall in summer craziness in the last 15 years around mid-July, real talk.

First up....Ten Secrets:))

1) I drive long distances with my iPod on, earbuds in. I don't have working speakers in my car so there no music, so when I have to drive a bit of  distance, say to the next city over, I listen to the music or podcasts on my iPod. I'm sure there is a SC state law against that. There is a SC state law against EVERYTHING.

2) I hate home pedicures. I rather go and spend $25 on mediocre one at a nail salon. I thought about doing post on home pedis but I hate them.

3)Quite as its kept....I don't like generic brand food. Nope. Doesn't taste the same.

4) Chicken wings are my favorite food. I could be a vegetarian if I could kick that chicken wing habit.

5)I love men in striped polo shirts. lol!

6)I get told that my real nails look like acrylics...really?

7) I really dislike what's on TV these days. Seriously, every show SUCKS.

8)I love to watch corny black romance comedy DVDs. My favorite one is Hav 90s:)

9) I'm in love with Sonic..I love that place sooo much, always have!

10)I'm starting to read books again, trying catch that bug again of sitting and knocking out reads in a day or two.


Leesh on 10:04 AM said...

I rather pay for a pedicure too but since I'm broke, I have to settle for an at-home pedicure.

And I agree with you, there's nothing to watch on TV these days.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 11:15 PM said...

I'm broke! So I can't even do that $25.:/ My feel have been on the struggle this summer.