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~Weekend Goodwill Haul~

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I hit the Goodwill this weekend. I go every OTHER weekend, when kids are at their dad's, so I can focus. I need maximum focus for digging and so that I won't spend over my budget. Yes, I have a budget at the Goodwill too. Seriously, You walk out of a thrift store with stuff worth hundreds and have spent $100. That's too much...unless your buying furniture...oh, digress.... on to the goodies....:)

Vintage necklaces( no name or signature): $2 a piece. I didn't wanna pay $2 for them...but, eh.
 Vintage Marcus Bros. Raffia Bag: $3...apparently, these bags were considered high straw bags in the 1950s...

Check out this ad for them....found this info HERE!!
Brand new Tommy Hilfiger Espadrilles....when is the last time I've owned anything Tommy Hilfiger? lol! $4.50

Dollhouse Oxford Pumps: $4.50
Prepare yourself....all these scarves were $1 apiece...some of them are vintage, signed, designer...O.M.G.

Vintage Daniel la Foret Scarf  100% silk....I've own a Daniel la Foret scarf before...
You read it right! An Yves Saint Laurent 100% silk scarf...laid out, its looks like the Japanese flag with an "x" thru it. Truly vintage.:)

This scarf...I don't know if its vintage but it was made especially to be sold in Neiman's which alot of designers did back in the days.

 Echo...don't think its vintage...but its Echo. I've worked at Dillard's and Hecht's( Macy's)

Adrienne Landau Studio.

I found all those scarves at one store....who gave all that goodness away?


FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" on 10:41 AM said...

WOW!! You made out like a fat cat!! Those scarves are beautiful! I love that little straw bag! Don't you just love feeling like you came out on top! Kiah

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 9:12 PM said...

Kiah, I was on shopping high coming home from this store! lol!