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~Goodwill/Salvation Army Collective Shoe Haul~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last week, I scored all these shoes for under $30. me do the math...:)

First up Salvation Army. Lately, the hometown Sal Val has been ok... finds here and there, the key is to go in twice a week, especially on Friday for some reason...

Maripe black stiletto boots ( That actually fit around my calf and still had the boot stuffing in them) $3.99
Maripe brown stiletto boots $3.99....apparently the same owner, I assume.
Brand new Cato flats-$3.99
Franco Sarto Brown Ankle boots-$3.99
George ( Walmart) handbag-$2.99

Vintage (60's-70s) John Romain handbag-$2.99
Next up...Goodwill.. Y'all know my story, never any shoes at the Goodwill in my size but if you got a small foot (6,7,8) can rack up.

Athletic Works( Target) sneakers-$3.99
ESNY wedge scarf thongs-$3.99

Sal Val Shoes-$3.99 x 4=$15.96
Sal Val Handbags-$2.99 x2=5.98
Goodwill Shoes-$3.99 x2=7.98
= $29.92 ( without tax)


Candyce Nicole on 10:29 PM said...

You are definitely ready for the fall! Great deals!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:15 PM said...

Thanks! I think I am too, its a first for me for once. lol

Shalimar on 4:56 PM said...

That is a steal. I am a member of the big feets women so I am pretty bummed that most of the shoes in my size look ran over when I go to the thrift stores. I will try again and give it a go.