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~Birthday Fresh Coat~ Incoco Cat's Meow....

Friday, September 23, 2011

 As promised...I applied my Incoco Nail Appliques in Cat's Meow for birthday! Here's the scoop:

-They are thinner than the Sally Hansen brand and easier to smooth out.
-They have a built in top coat which makes them very glossy but I added one to seal in the area between my nail and the applique.
-I love this pattern!! Its gorgeous!!!!

-The fit is sooo off. I only received 12 in the pack which might be a Birchbox thing but the fit is crazy.
-They are not cheaper than Sally Hansen. I don't understand why this type of "polish" runs $8,9,10?!? It has no brush or bottle and you can only use it once! Too pricey!

I wanted to order some more of these but the price turned me off.

What do you think?


eRiN on 11:40 PM said...

I heard that this brand does normally contain 16 and only has 12 for Birchbox, but I still agree - these things are way too pricy! It can't last 2 weeks without looking bad because your nails will grow out and you can't exactly touch them up, and they are only one-time use items, so ... I'm betting in a year from now they'll either cost less or have been redesigned completely!

Miss Dre on 2:03 AM said...

I do like the design, but I don't think I will be paying more for these than the Sally Hansen ones.

Thanks for sharing your review!

Savannah on 10:39 AM said...

These are really pretty! But that's really expensive for only 12 of them! They're basically nail stickers, why the heck would they cost that much?


Dr. Reginia on 6:48 AM said...

These's are very pretty. I would be so interested in trying them. I don't have gel nails so my polish never lasts.

wait until the sunset on 10:48 AM said...

oh my goodness those nails are fab!!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 11:27 PM said...

Erin- I think you are right...the price might go down on these from most of the companies that make them!

Miss Dre- Thanks! I agree with you.:)

Savannah-Thank you! You have a point...they are just nail stickers really for $13.:/ smh

Dr. Reginia-Thanks!! These last pretty long ( like a week) with a bit of chipping. This would be a cheaper investment than salon gel nails.

Wait Until The Sunset- Thanks!!

FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" on 3:14 PM said...

I have yet to try these but after seeing yours I want to run out and get today! I love them! What is the lasting power? Do these last longer than regular nail polish?Kiah

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:10 PM said...

Hey Ms. Kiah!!

I would say that they last longer than polish but you can't retouch them and you will have a bit of chipping.

socialitedreams on 10:51 AM said...

this is my favorite of the nail applications that i've seen! it's such a good design

Vonnie of