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~Rural Style~ Dressing Room Files with Jennifer Lopez for Kohls.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I dropped into Kohl's today on a light excursion out of town to visit Jennifer Lopez' collection for Kohls. I saw TheDivaEsq do a great dressing  room review on the line. So check out my "review"!!!!

The line is full of very sexy neutrals, feel good fabrics like jersey but pretty and girly...nothing too structured or serious. I love the neutral palette....greys, light creamy shades of blush.....I also spotted lots of animal prints... Most of the collection, if not all, was 20% off. Search around for another coupon online...and you can make a good deal. I listed the retail for each piece.

This is the dress($70) in the photo above....must have been popular in this Kohls because there were only two left in size 8 and 10. I noticed that in each item there were a lot of sizes...even in the larger sizes.

Her collection goes from size 6  to size 16 and S to  XL. I tried on some Ls and XLs....I can't wear a 16 yet.

The jewelry I spotted was glitzy and rhinestone-y...typical JLO...these earrings were my favorite and they are clip-ons but they are $22. :/
I spotted her handbag display and these were two of my favorites....If I had the coins today, I would've bought that taupe bag($120)...beautiful!! The bags were very luxe style...bold hardware, some fur...
First, I tried on this fur vest with faux leather in XL ($84). It was soft and comfy, perfect layering piece. It even buttoned across my chest! I wanted to take this home too!!
Its looks like shearling but its was more furry. Plus it was shedding all over the place. yikes.
Second, I tried on this trench ($100) in a XL...It was a too big and too long for my height(5'0). I couldn't see wearing this even with  heels. The bottom of the coat hits my knees. As far as the construction, I like the puffy sleeves but the flared bottom and stretchy no-go.
Third, was this retro 80s inspired silk/satin top ($40) in XL. I didn't fit....too short, too tight in the arms, and uncomfortable.:(
Fourth, I tried on the champagne drapey dolman top ($40). I loved the fit  and the color but hated the fabric. Its not jersey, it feels like old school polyester.The color looks washed out in the picture but it was gorgeous on my skin in that store.
Last, another fur vest ($84) in XL...that shedding all over the place! It needed some buttons or something.

Now this top($54)....ummm....I didn't know how it suppose to fit...I tried it on but it was TRAGIC. lol!

I didn't get to the shoes because , I know about ya'll but, Kohls is so confusing, I couldn't remember where the shoes were.:( Plus I missed the home and lingerie of this line....gotta do my homework.

So what do you think? Have you seen Jennifer Lopez' collection at Kohls? Do own any pieces? Let me know!


Jen S. on 10:32 PM said...

I love the vest!!!


LESAPEA MUSINGS on 10:11 AM said...

Well this is my first time to your blog,so my opinion won't matter much but you look smashing in the Champagne drapey top and fur vest. Buy it gurl, happy weekend.

Lisa x

Lisa x

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 10:18 PM said...