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~Fall Skin Care Review~ Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

For my birthday ( September 23) I bought the Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System. I've been wanting one for a long time...really, I can't come off the coins RIGHT NOW for a Clarisonic System. I actually bought my Olay brush system at CVS....It goes towards your Beauty Bucks and I had $9 in EBs saved away so I got it for $20.00 minus tax. That is cheaper than my local Walmart at $26.99.

The Olay Advanced Cleansing System includes a 2-speed facial cleansing brush and a exfoliating renewal cleanser. I tossed the cleanser in my product stash since I wash my face with black soap, my current preferred cleanser.

-ADDICTIVE. LOL! Its feels so good on the face. The bristles are soft but effective enough for a good scrub.
-Leaves the skin super, extra clean. Black Soap by itself is super cleansing but add the ProX brush...and its extra clean.
-Inexpensive. I didn't spend a student loan payment to buy it....and that makes me happy.:)
-It works the curves of your face very good. It got around my nose and creases very well and I have a bit of eczema in the creases of my nose, the brush scrubbed right off.
-The grip of the brush is also effective...I used it one night with a slippery facial scrub and didn't once drop it or did it slip out of my hand.


-NONE. Unless you buy it at Target or Walmart for a higher price with no Extra Bucks or coupons or savings back.:)


I don't use it EVERYDAY. Its quite addictive but I noticed if I over exfoliate my skin, I get acne. So I actually have pretty sensitive skin. I use it for my weekly scrub or I use it every three about twice a week. If you purchase the Olay ProX brush, test it out for yourself to see how it works for your skin. I've read where people use it everyday, that might work for you or it might not. Its worth every penny I hustled to get it for it!  BUY IT!!


Atiyah on 10:59 AM said...

WOOHOO was waiting on this review. I have $5extra bucks I need to use this weekend and I will be purchasing this.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 2:45 PM said...

Get it mama!!