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~My 2nd Nappiversary Week~ What I'm Using NOW Review....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey Fam!!

So today I'm introducing you to what I'm using on my hair NOW...what's working and why I like it. I follow the same wash day regimen every time I wash and the same day & night regimen. I've seen alot of improvement in my hair in the last three months.

I also laid off the wigs for awhile. I like my hair OUT and the wigs were doing more harm than good. The lace was taking my edges out and was smothering my scalp. But, let's be clear, I was wearing wigs EVERYDAY so it was too much for my scalp and hair.

Washing and Detangling:

I shampoo my hair with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo and detangle with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. HH has amazing slip and SM Moisture Retention Shampoo cleanses well. The only thing I don't like it that SM shampoo doesn't get my scalp I use a sulfate shampoo, just on my scalp, to clean it. I use whatever's in my stash, right now, its a Matrix Color Care Shampoo.
Conditioning and Sealing:

I just ( within the last three weeks) started using Cantu Leave In...I LOVE IT! My hair like creamy leave ins. I'm also on the grease bandwagon, sealing with a little Softee Shea Butter Grease. So far, its doing what grease does, which is attracting dirt and building up on my hair and making its way to my scalp.:/ I'm still on the fence with the grease movement.

I also use raw shea butter, by mixing or "whipping" hair likes just shea butter. When I'm not using grease, I use the shea butter in seal in moisturizer or a leave in. When I do a wet twist out, I use Shea Moisture Smoothie. I really like this product, I get the best definition but it doesn't hold definition no more than a day or two( even with re-twisting). Plus, its not a good moisturizer for my hair....My hair just soaks it in wet or  the smoothie sits on top of my hair dry. But, mysteriously, it works for a defined  look.


Thanks to my girl, Micki...I LOVE Uncle Funky Daughter Extra Butter Creme and Darcy's Botanicals Shea Butter Curl Moisturizer. They both give me the right amount of moisture that lasts beyond two days. That's my 2nd bottle of Darcy's!


I also do a Apple Cider Vinger Rinse after I detangle and rinse the HH out to balance my hair's PH and close the cuticles up so that I can retain my length. ACV rinses have been a LIFESAVER!!!!

I also do a protein treatment every 2 to 3 weeks depending on how much breakage I see. I have very porous hair and protein fills in the spaces to strengthen and retain length. I love Joico K-Pac( I use the Sally's Generic brand) thanks to my soror Lisa for introducing me to that.


Michelle (Mick-Mick) on 9:56 PM said...

Yay! I am glad that you like Uncle Funky's Daughter and the Darcy's Botanicals.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 2:28 PM said...

Thank you sis cuzin Mick!!! Going in on that Darcy's Black Friday Sale too. lol