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My 2nd "Nappiversary" Week!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Big Chop....November 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Nappiversary to me!!! Two years fully natural! I always say that because I've been "natural" but with "little" texturizer in the past or relaxed ends I would not let go off. These two years have been something else...and for the next week, I'm going focus on what I'm using, my lessons I learned this year, a GIVEAWAY:), and much more!!!!

Me at one year natural......
Me at two years natural!!!

I washed my hair my last night, twisted it and then took the twists out and pinned them up. No length straightening my blowing it out for me on this day. I just wanted do what I normally do with my hair, celebrate the day and be happy!!! ( Even though I got a lingering chest cough, possibly bronchitis:/ )
The side of today's style...

The back of the style...

I also gave myself a gift for MY NAPPYVERSARY!!! lol!!! I mean, that's what people do on anniversaries, right? Plus, I'm a girl who ALWAYS gives herself gifts.:)

I finally purchased ( with the help of some Amazon credits) The Science of Black Hair. I've had it since Tuesday and I can already tell you...its is AWESOME. I've had my head in it every single chance I get!  Definitely an investment for the newly natural to the seasoned natural.....just phenomenal and I'm not even halfway thru it!!!

So, please stay tuned all week for the giveaway ( which will be up Sunday), posts,pictures and help me celebrate this week!!!!


FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" on 10:47 PM said...

Girl your hair is beautiful! Congrats on going all natural. I think natural hair is so pretty and suits everyone best (well duh its how God made you)!! lol I like the twists in the front. I have been looking into rod setting my hair. I would love to get a big big Beyonce spiral!!! Any tips? What are the best type of rods to use on longer hair? Should I use setting lotion? I plan to do it myself cause I'm cheap! I go the paper owned salons where they cut my hair for $10!! I know the sistas be charging big money to do hair! lol Kiah

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:46 PM said...

Thank you love!!! If you wanna rod set, try flexi-rods ( the big ones, they are grey-colored in my parts). If you have problems with curls holding, then you are going to need a setting lotion or foam. I see alot a longer haired sistas use curlformers. They are bit pricey but work on longer hair better. Go to YT and search long hair curlformers and there a couple of good vids on that. if you are not afraid of heat on your hair you can also try a curling wand, it gives those big beyonce curls too!

Stacey Kay on 2:01 AM said...

Two years! Wow, congrats! I'm staying tuned for your giveaway. Thank you so much for following my blog, now following back.

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Beauty and Cosmetology on 4:14 PM said...

so far love your blog!