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Haul: Old Navy and Getting New Clothes!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey Everyone!!

I had to go to Spartanburg for reasons beyond my control and I was kinda of down about it. So, on the way back home I noticed that the new Old Navy ( they moved the location) was open and I remembered I had a $40.26 Merchandise Check in my wallet.

***cues the shouting music!!!***

What a blessing, right? Considering the fact I've not bought not one piece of "new" clothing this WHOLE summer. Yes...I've been thrifting up a storm and bought no 'new' clothes ( or shoes from Vivaladiva or handbags...I've been thrifting up a storm). I almost felt out of place in there. Weird. Here's what I got....

Long gray tank- $6.99 :I got this is "my" size in ON which is NOW a XL.:)))) Fits perfect and feels great.
Knit Henley Dress-$15: I really love the color of this dress because it looks red but its like a red raspberry color. I got this in a XXL so I could put a tank underneath even though the XL fit.
Khaki knitted tunic-$9.99: I was sorta unsure about this tunic but I thought it would great for when it get a bit cooler here with a tank and leggings. I got this in a XXL for the slouchy feel.
Blue Tank-$6.49: The size I needed wasn't there but I wanted this color so bad I got a XXL hoping that when I wash it, it will fit better. Anyone else do that? Buy something to big ( *cough* or too small) because you love the color or design...If anything I could just layer it under something...

Total with tax: $40.78

Out of pocket: $.52 :))))