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~Hair~ New Products: Cleansing Conditioners....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The drugstore/mass market companies have been on their toes in the last couple of years when it comes to keeping up with the popular brand concepts. I've noticed in the last couple of weeks, cleansing conditioners, or low or no shampoo "poo"-shampoos have been coming through the stores.

This is a very popular hair product since Wen became a popular mass product available through infomercial All women of all hair types boast the benefits and the love for Wen's cleansing conditioner. There's a Wen "knockoff" in Sally Beauty Supply called Hair One and companies like Ouidad make one as well, sold in salons and Ulta. Now L'oreal and Salon Grafix has one that available in your local CVS or Walmart.

I know I lot of women, relaxed and natural, who cleanse with light conditioners. They call it "co-washing" or "conditioner washing".....

I saw this entire display of L'Oreal  EverCreme system that includes a cleansing cream in my local Walmart.
Spotted this Salon Grafix cleansing cream in my local CVS.....

I picked up the Ever Creme Cleaning Conditioner to try. Right now, I use Original Moxie Get Clean No-
Foam which amazing. It lightly cleanses but it's packed with moisture, so my hair and scalp are clean and soft.

Have you seen any of these "no-poo" "low-poo" products around? Do you use them? Let me know!!:)


Michelle (Mick-Mick) on 2:25 PM said...

When I go to my mother's house, I use her Wen to co-wash my freshly clarified hair. I really like the results. I have never used it as a leave-in. I just think it would be too heavy for my hair.

I am also very interested in trying the DevaCurl No Poo. Who am I kidding? I will continue to use my "cheap stuff".