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~Hair~ Real Spotted: New Natural Hair Products in Sally Beauty Supply!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I call it.... "Trying to get in where you fit in"...

Alot of the "mainstream" or more popular ethnic hair care lines are coming out with their own natural hair care lines. I've seen some people get in an uproar about is also a business, these companies are trying to get in where they fit in. Natural hair is big business these days and these companies recognize that. The average natural hair girl, especially in her first year natural, is a PRODUCT JUNKIE. So that equals $$$$$ for those companies when you have a new natural trying to figure out what works.

I personally dig it. I like accessible products. I live a rural area so if I can buy it on the shelves and not have to order it and wait on it show up, I will. Most of favorite products right now have to be ordered online.

However, I have to drive 35 minutes to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply. LOL! Yep...but a 35 min drive is better than a 4-5 day shipping wait any day. *shrugs* BUT only if the product works on my hair.

Interesting signs under products normally made for chemically processed hair....can you say #Marketing101??
Dr. Miracles has a problem with Dr. Miracles as a whole is that they don't list the ingredients on the bottles. Has that changed???
Curl Care is also by Dr. Miracles....
Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Simulator....
As I Am...this not all their products. I just took a photo of the Coconut Co-Wash and Cleansing Pudding. The Coconut Co-Wash was $7.99 but the Cleansing Pudding was $ difference in a price for no-poo/low poo cleansers. Some these products, the prices were in the $20+ range...

Finally, saw the Beautiful Textures products all the boards and vloggers have been raving about. I took one sniff....and I was done. I won't be buying any of it because the smell is not my cup of tea. Smells like Hot Six Oil....ya'll know what that is?!! LOL! I'm dating myself.