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~Fresh Coat~ New Sinful Colors Spotted & Mini Haul.....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

I was in Walgreens on Sunday, and spotted two "new" Sinful Colors polish displays. Now, ya'll know how SC does it ( maybe you don't but I'll tell you.:)). Sinful Colors will do a funky display and you will think its new colors but its all re-promotes OR a mix of new and re-promotes. *Deep sigh* So, when I saw this display, my mind went bonkers! "I haven't seen these displays on any blog!" "Did I miss a post on these colors?!?!" "Are they re-promotes?!?!" "Are they new??!"

I still don't I kept an open mind.

Color Block looked pretty but skipped any purchase of these....
Sheer Summer Collection ( hope they are not really sheer.:/)....looks a bit like some of the colors of that OPI Holland Collection....chime in if you know something. Sinful Colors will do "inspired" colors of another company's collection, I'm just sayin' #noshade.

I got Cinderella and Morning Star...then had the nerve to walk over to the SC main display to see if the colors were over there. smh.

Stay tuned for Fresh Coat posts of both colors!!:)))


missmelanie_99 on 10:20 PM said...

Those two blues look pretty!

Lekiliana Hanalei on 1:25 AM said...

I got the same 2 colors and kid you not, did the same exact thing, walked over to the normal sad!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 7:52 PM said...

Thanks Missmelanie_99!

Lekiliana Hanalei- Sometimes I feel so lost with Sinful Colors. lol! They need to do better.