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~Fresh Coat~ Sinful Colors Morning Star....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

Today I'm wearing on my nails Sinful Colors Morning Star. I got this at Walgreens, $1.99....a picture of the display that it is on is below....:)

Two coats of Morning Star is perfect. Its between opaque and sheer...actually that's perfect to me. Its photographs a bit sheer but it looks opaque in natural light. One coat would have probably made it opaque.

I also have it on my toes:/. I don't know how I feel about blue toe nails. Its a little too "young" for my taste. I'm NOT adventurous when it comes to my feet. I like the standard pinks, reds, and nudes. I can't even tell you why. *shrugs*

Morning  Star is part of the Sheer Shimmer Collection. It does have a low cast of golden pink shimmer, very subtle. Morning Star is definitely  purchase from this collection!!