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~Natural Hair~ Wash N' Gos and Why I Don't Do Them.....

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Wash N' Go's and the 4c texture.

I don't do wash n' go's EVER but I was possessed last week to try one with a 2oz sample of a product ( that will remain anonymous, because its not the point of this post. *snaps*).

One reason I don't do them is because most of my hair has no defined curl pattern no matter what the product is. I've accepted and embraced that because I can still wear my hair in a lot of different styles...a gel-laded wet haired-air dryed one is not one of them.

When you have kinky, 4b, 4c hair and you want that "curly kit" look and you don't get it matter what the process, its a hard pill to swallow. I've seen comments on hair boards of my fellow 4c'rs threatening to relax their hair because no gel or product will give them the "curly" look.

4c Sistas, we don't HAVE CURLY HAIR. *shrugs*

I went through the same thing, wondering why WNGs didn't "look" a certain way.

Here's last week's pictures of my hair.....First, soaking wet, product raked thru.....
It's a little looser in the back, probably a 4b....
Five hours later, 70 % hair was indescribable. I put on a satin bonnet and went to bed.....

I salvaged it the next day with a sulfate wash, ACV rinse, leave in and seal and pulled up in a bun. Lesson learned.:)

Dawnyele on YT hit the nail on the head when it comes to WnGs and 4c hair...."It depends on what outcome you are expecting.... Please watch!