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New!! ~Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection, Bronzers and Eye Shadow Quads...~

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey Everybody!

I was excited to finally see my WalMart update the Black Radiance section with the new product I had been seeing online. I got a couple of things, then took back some stuff and now this is my final haul. Check it out!

I got two of the bronzers: Blackberry and Rum Spice. ( below)

Blackberry is a deep lavender purple with gold in it. I have no idea how to use it. lol!

Rum Spice is a pretty soft golden brown.

I was surprised that texture of both of them is very soft. Black Radiance and Markwins must have redone the formula because the bronzers didn't feel like that before.
I got two eye shadow sets. Desert Clay Quad and Eye Appeal in Urban Jungle. My WM had all the Eye Appeal 8 pans but the other two looked dupeable. Only Urban Jungle gave me any kind of "freshness" and plus I don't own alot of green shadow.
Black Radiance Eye Shadow Quad in  Desert Clay...couple of shimmery neutrals....

Here are the swatches of Desert Clay. Initially, I didn't swatch Urban Jungle because swatches of it are all over the 'net. Now, I wish I had swatched it, just for you guys!! I will update the swatches Urban Jungle within the next hold tight!:)

So what do you think? Do you plan on grabbing any of the new Black Radiance products??


Anonymous said...

Most definitely. I am planning to get the blushes and the bronzers I don't have and I am planning to get the cream eyeshadows. It has the indigo shade, olive, silver I think, and gold or brown shade.