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~Review~ Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Tint + Swatches +FOTDs!!!....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was in Victoria's Secret about two weeks back and I picked up two of the Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Tints. I got Better Than Bare and Manic Pink.
I'm not a fan of the Beauty Rush line mainly because the quality is low and the prices are high. LOL! These two were 2 for $12 and I think one of them alone is $7.50- $8. I've been duped on Beauty Rush before, but I was able to swatch these two colors in the store with the tester. I knew what I was getting into!

Better Than Bare on the left and Manic Pink on the right.....
Sorry for the cloudy lens was dirty. guh.

I'm wearing  Manic Pink in this photo. It goes on semi sheer but it has alot of color. Manic Pink is very smooth in texture as well and had a faint cupcake-ish smell.

Better Than Bare was the same texture and smell. However, its not a nude you would it expect. Its actually really brown. Almost my true lip color. I like nudes that are a step or two above my natural lip shade. I would recommend this to a nude shy, darker skin chica. Still, its pretty.

 My biggest problem with these is that the color name is not on the stick. Once you take all the plastic off, the name is gone in the trash. That's trouble for a beauty addict.:/


I think this a great for casual pop of color on the face with you don't want a sticky gloss or a full on lipstick. Beauty Rush Lip Tints have a Revlon Lip Butter feel them but less buttery. LOL!  I saw a bright orange one that I'm going to go back and get.:)