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~Weekend Recap~ The Random Life of a Beauty Addict.... #1

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Happy April Fools' Day!! One of my college friends got me sooo good....He posted that he actually knew the person who won the MegaMillions in Maryland ( he lives in Maryland too). I believed it.  He make me SICK!!! LOL!

Welp, in my beauty addicted life sooo much happened this happened weekend in beauty and fashion that I thought I might post about it...maybe every Sunday because I have so much that happens beauty wise: hauls, goodies in the mail, random makeup looks, convos on twitter...and I LOVE ALL OF IT!

Got my Kiss Nails Influenster winnings in the mail. Eh.... but beggars can't be choosers right??!

Shopped my stash on a Saturday night...found various unopened makeup and things I've been looking for. Sometimes its just ridiculous how much unused and forgotten stuff I have. smh.

Excuse my insanely greasy face ( I took this three hours after applying makeup #realtalkskinissues)....I came up with this hair do out of NO WHERE for church. I surprised myself, because I'm really not that good with my own hair but I have no choice but to do my own hair. One day, I will actually trust and will be able to afford a hairdresser for once. However, I really likes my hair today, so much, that as of 10:56 pm...I haven't taken it down. LOL!

I won TheEccentricDiva's FB Giveaway. She's jewelry addicted beyond belief  like myself and she had a sweet giveaway and I was one of the winners...Check me out and my goodies in the vid...:))

Pretty sweet weekend...for me, of course....How was yours?