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Rural Living ~Five Tips For Healthy Weight Loss!~

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My weight loss is never ending and that’s ok with me. You know why? It’s more of a lifestyle change journey. I want to lose a significant amount of weight but I want establish habits and embrace a way of life along the way. I know that it will pay off soon!!
I want to share five great tips I learned from healthy weight loss that have helped me and worked!
1     1)      Eat breakfast! If don’t eat breakfast, I over eat ALL DAY and I eat stuff I don’t need to eat either because my body is in crave mode. It doesn’t have to be some large breakfast but peanut butter on wheat toast and a piece a fruit and coffee when I’m in a hurry in the morning works wonders.
2     2)       Cleanse you inner body by doing an all natural body cleanse. There are so many on the market and online to choose from. Do your research so that you reset your organs properly and comfortably. I do a light cleanse at each night of “lemon tea”: lemon, honey, and hot water.

3     3)      Fuel yourself, don’t starve yourself! I love this saying above. You wouldn’t starve your car (even though some of us ride around with the gas light on  the regular. Lol!), so don’t starve your body thinking that’s the way to weight loss. I’ve played the starve game, and gain more weight than I did when I was eating on the regular. Get fueled up!
4    4)      Organize your thoughts, recipes, plans and tips for weight loss via Pinterest. I have a weight loss tips board that when I come across something great like a new way to get all my water in or an inspiring saying, I pin it. I normally look at my Weight Loss Board and Motivation Board twice a day to mentally fuel myself up!

5    5)      Water, water, water…drink it!! I am so guilty of not drinking water all day, even though I don’t drink soda or store bought juice ( I do love tea and coffee). Here’s a tip: I make my kids good old fashion Kool-Aid so I can control the amount of sugar they get in a drink. However, I will make myself a big container of water to drink but give the water a ‘splash’ of kool aid so I have the taste but I have WAY more water than Kool-Aid. That way I’m getting my water intake and it’s not bland in taste and I like it!

I hope these tips help and inspire someone to just make changes that become bigger changes in their health and possibly their weight! Good Luck!

This is a sponsored post for Xango, however, all the points and views are
my own.