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~Pinterest DIY Beauty~ How To Make Your Own Satin Hands Scrub.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I love Mary Kay Satin Hands...but I don't love Mary Kay representives. lol! No shade, but they are a pushy bunch. However, Satin Hands is an awesome product. I haven't owned it in years due to my avoidance of reps. *shrugs*

When I saw this pin...I immediately pinned it under my DIYs. DIY hand scrub ala Satin Hands?? Yes!!

The pin is from One Good Thing By Jillee and she calls it "Gardener's Scrub"

 You will need:
-a container of your choice. I used a short Mason or Ball jar.
-dish detergent. She's suggests Dawn with Olay Beauty Hand Renewal. Wal-mart has a generic brand of it. I didn't know that!
-a spoon
 I filled the jar half way with sugar....
 Then I filled the jar 1/4 up with detergent. I wanted my scrub to be pastey but it was a bit liquidy. Use less detergent and more sugar to get the pastey consistency.
 Stir with your spoon....
 And you are done!

I used my scrub with Lumene Sensitive Touch SOS Cream. I put the scrub on then topped it with the cream, rubbed my hands together and rinsed. Just like you do Satin Hands. My hands felt AMAZING! You can tell I haven't given them a treatment like that in a while!!

Cool DIY, eh? Will you be trying this? Let me know!

Next week.....DIY Nail Polish with old eye shadow. Whoooaaaaa....LOL!