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~Swatches & Review~ Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection in Naturally Gorgeous....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

I've been playing with the two Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection palettes I bought last Sunday all week. I didn't even know these existed until I saw DivaMakeupQueen post them on her Facebook page. What would I be without the power of social networking??:)

 I picked up Naturally Gorgeous ( the neutrals) and Green Wtih Envy ( the greens and neutrals).

 Naturally Gorgeous consist of ten shadows at 0.04 oz each. I would venture to say that the palette is set up like Urban Decay Naked palette, light to dark in color. There are no mattes, all shimmers. I didn't even bother to compare the two. *shrugs* If want me to do that, compare UD Naked and Naturally Gorgeous, let me know in the comments ( I did see some "similar" shades in each palette when just looking at the two).

 I wore the palette about three different times and I will say, this was the best look I came up with...

 Here are a few swatches. I tried to swatch a couple of light shades and some the dark shades....


-$6 for 10 shade and its available at Wal-mart. Great price and great location.
- the shades are a variety of pigmentation from light to heavy, so many looks can be created.
-sturdy packaging and good mirror for the price gets a thumbs up.

-the variety of pigmentation can be frustrating. It was for me.
-the light shades are harder to work with blending and application.

You get your $6 worth with Naturally Gorgeous. Its not something to go out and stockpile and I know with the Hard Candy makeup at my WM, its always getting restocked. I couldn't help but to notice that I've had palettes from the Beauty Supply Store for $3 better than this palette. *shrugs*  Its hit or miss for me.

Are you picking up Naturally Gorgeous soon?