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~Fresh Coat~ Nail Polish Shenanigans: Revlon Midnight Sparkle, Nicole By OPI All Kendall-ed Out, Maybelline Color Show Nail Stickers in Cheetah Chic, and Maybelline Color Show in Sea-Quins....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I feel like its been forever since I did a Fresh Coat post. Seriously, its sheer laziness. lol! I always have new polish to post about, so that is not the problem. The problem is am I excited about said polishes. I want to bring y'all excitement!

So lets's see what I've been wearing and taking off.....

 I wore Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers in Cheetah Chic with an accent nail in Maybelline Color Show in Sea-Quins.

The Nail Stickers are trash. Yep. They don't lay flat on the nail and even after I shaped the edges, they were still ragged even after sealing them with a top coat. So, the next day the stickers were already peeling. Such a disappointment because the patterns are GORGEOUS but the quality is shoddy. Compared to Sally Hansen or Kiss, Maybelline needs rethink these stickers.

Maybelline Color Show in Sea-Quins is gorgeous too but the longevity is shoddy as well. This is my 2nd Color Show and I got day two chipping. What is up with the quality of these polishes?

 I was over that wild print and glitter, so switched to Nicole by OPI All Kendall-ed Out or Up...something like that. lol. Beautiful pink, I was just blown but this shade! Also, the quality is good. I had no chipping for days.

Last but not least, I finally applied Revlon Midnight Sparkle from the Holiday 2012 collection. I like Revlon's creme/glitter polish mixes. I've only had one that I didn't care for. Midnight Sparkle is a good color/glitter concept, but on my nails, its no to the ma'am! I don't like it. The blue black jelly creme is beautiful but the hexagon and the small glitter is silver. I would have rather it been blue. I guess Revlon was trying make it like a starry night. The application was goopy and bumpy too...and its chipping and I'm on the second day of wear.

The trials of a nail polish addict...:/

Any of you own these shades? Thoughts? Let me know!

Disclosure: Maybelline Color Show products were sent to me for review. I was not paid for this post and all views and opinions are my own.