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~25 Days of Beautiful Gifting Ideas~ Day 13- Get Beautifully Organized!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

It took me the longest time to grasp the concept of organizing my beauty products and makeup. I'm still learning too. Sometimes, your beloved beauty addict has so much stuff, a little cute makeup trunk just will not do!

Check out these organizers that on my list RIGHT now....

I have a shelving unit but it has had its last days and times. lol! I need this new one.:)

New...Makeup & Cosmetic Organizer with 4 Tube Holders for Brushes Etc.That Spins for Easy Access to all your Beauty Essentials, NO More Clutter! Give Yourself a Neat, Clean Countertop in Only 12" of Space. ...Proudly Made in the USA! by PPM.

OMG. This would be perfect for my perfumes!! I have a lot of scents. I split them between seasons ( summer scents/winter scents). I would be forever grateful for this.

Azar 225510 Sixty Compartment Cosmetic Display

I just received this in the mail today. I will say, it holds 60 lipsticks, but if you got more than that, buy two. lol!

***My Gift To You***

Freaking genius and frugal idea!!! Check it out HERE and save you clothes from the bottom of the closet!