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~25 Days of Beautiful Giving Ideas~ Day Four - Philosophy State of Grace.....

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I used to be a MASSIVE fan and collector of Philosophy products. I discovered Philosophy for myself back in 2001 and I was a huge Amazing Grace fragrance fan. Its the quintessential everyday simple fragrance. Lately, I've been wanting to repurchase Amazing Grace and Pure Grace and Philosophy has a great little kit called State of Grace

State of Grace has .33 fl oz of Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, Inner Grace and Living Grace for only $35. 

Now I'm they still make Baby Grace? :)
***My Gift To You!!***

My favorite Christmas song. It took me a year to figure out the name of the song because I only heard it on the radio. Then on Thanksgiving Day, I'm listening to Luther Vandross Pandora station and the song comes on!!! And I search You Tube and its on You Tube!!! So hear you go...At Christmas Time...such a R&B Christmas smooth song sung by the legendary Luther Vandross!!!!

or Click here to listen to it:).