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~25 Days of Beautiful Giving Ideas~ Day 22- DIY Lip Scrub for Empty Pockets...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Christmas shopping will make you or break your pockets in little pieces. The money struggle is real and three days before Christmas and the funds might be running low. Time for an easy DIY!!

I made these lip scrubs for myself and one for a friend who struggles with  dry lips in the winter and wanted to try it.

 You will need:

-Oil ( I used Avocado because I wanted to use Olive but I was all out.:( )
-Sugar ( regular white or brown will work)
-a bowl
-a spoon
-small containers to put the scrub in
 I "eyeballed" aka Rachael Ray the oil, honey and sugar to make a paste in a bowl, then I stirred it until it was pasty. If its runny, you can add more sugar to make a paste.
 Here is the scrub, stirred.....
 Then I packed it into a container.
 Put on the top and done!!
 Here are the two I made....

You can put them in a pretty bag or wrap them. Get creative!!! If you try this, let me know how you like it!