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~2013 Beauty Resolutions!~

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I never make REAL resolutions. Only beauty and some fashion ones but definitely beauty!

Here are my Beauty Resolutions:

1) Depot my L'Oreal HIP and NK single shadows and put them in a palette, maybe a Z-palette.
-I watch a YouTube video where a chick had all of her HIP shadows in a magnetized pan. That lead me to dig up my HIP shadows and products. lol! Plus, I have NK Nicka K single shadows that I love but I never used because they are in a bag I forget I have. Depotting is a goal this year.

2)Take Hair Growth supplements for a year.
-I am in year FOUR of being natural and my hair grows but its really delicate and weak. I'm wondering if its an internal situation since I've done everything to retain more length. I will be taking them for a year just to see if my hair is a internal situation.

3)Learn color correction for my face.
-I have shadowy areas around my face and I want to learn the correct way to...correct them!

4)Try brands I've never tried or do not own.
-I realized this year, that I'm really brand loyal. I find something that works, and I stick to it. This year, I will be trying brands I haven't tried( and everyone else has. lol). Even if its owning one product, I trying it!!

5) Color my hair back to dark brown this summer.
- My hair will be most likely in braids and twists this summer so I want to have one color and not the half and half color I have now. I'll probably do a rinse.

6)Support and buy more from Sista Owned beauty businesses.
-ToniDaley on YouTube has a series where she buys from African American owned Etsy and e-tailers and spotlights them on her site. I want to do something similar but do beauty products made by sistas. This should be alot of fun!!

7)Learn how to wing liner.
-I can't wing liner yet, but I'm going to learn!! Anything is possible. I went from not even knowing how to apply a strip lash, to applying single lash extensions that last over two weeks. That wing liner is going to get perfected!!!

Do you have any beauty resolutions? Let me know!!