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~Got Dry/Color Treated Hair? ~ Dove Hair Therapy Color Care Collection....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I know I don't do a lot of hair care on Rural Glamour (I'm working on that!!). One reason is that my hair is so fickle that if I change up a product in my line up, it can throw off my whole regimen. However, products that are designed for either color treated and or dry hair, my hair always receives well. I was excited when I received this great gift package from Dove Hair Therapy Color Care Collection. I figured, I can try this on my prone to be dry/color treated hair.:)

 ~My Hair Background Disclosure~
I'm three years natural, in year four natural. My hair is 4c and porous, meaning that its very coarse and doesn't not hold moisture for long. It is shoulder length in the back, blown out or straightened and chin length in the front. My hair was color treated in May 2012. I'm not a licensed cosmetologist just a product junkie.:)

In the package I received:
Color Care Shampoo
Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner
Color Care Leave In Conditioner

 Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner
I used this conditioner as my deep conditioner treatment. I "DC" on dry hair, so I DC BEFORE I wash. I can't tell you how much this technique has made a difference on my hair. My hair takes the treatment better dry than wet. I'm able to get my more moisture this way.

I actually really liked this as a deep conditioner, but I'm pretty heavy handed, so after three uses the tube is almost gone!! The formula is thick and heavy and softened and moisturized my hair well. I would definitely buy this to use for DCs in the future.
 Color Care Leave In Treatment
 Leave Ins for my hair are so hard to come by especially in drugstore/mass market stores. I need something creamy and fairly heavy in texture to retain moisture. This leave in BLEW ME AWAY!!! It works just as well as my Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Leave In and Color Care Leave In is on the drugstore shelves!!! No ordering online or running to Ulta or a dept. store, Dove Color Care Leave In Treatment is a staple in my regimen now.:)
Color Care Shampoo 
I used this shampoo on my scalp only since I only Co-Wash my hair.  Because it has a sulfate ingredient, it did cleanse my scalp well, but the little shampoo that did get on my hair, it didn't not leave my hair feeling stripped on dry. If you are shampoo kinda natural gal, this is great moisturizing and creamy shampoo and that cleanses and leaves the hair super soft.


Dove Hair Therapy Color Care Line is an awesome line that is available "on the shelves" as I say or in mass market/ drugstores that caters wonderfully to dry hair. My color is quit old ( May 2012) so can't say I saw alot of improvement on my color. However, I would suggest, from past color I've had, that using products that cater to hair color or dry hair helps with retaining the purity and gloss of your hair color. If you are natural and want to save some cash on products, this Dove Color Care line is great if you have dry hair as well.

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for review. I was not paid or sponsored for this post.