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~Swatches and Looks~ Khroma Beauty Shebang Quick Transformation Set....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

So, yeah....What you are seeing is Khroma Beauty, the Shebang Transformation Kit, to be  exact. LOL!

See what happened WAS, it was 50% off at Ulta so this kit was $7.49. I wanted try some of the Kardashian empire makeup. I swear, these kids got their hands in everything. However, that can prove to not be good. Keep reading.:)

 The Shebang Transformation Kit includes:
-Shadow Palette( all metallics)
-Black Eyeliner
-Sponge Applicator
-A pair of lashes

 Here are swatches with a brush of the eye shadow palette.
 I gave this palette and liner to go's around the park. I'll save the lashes for some other look.

-Over saturation of all thing Kardashian pulverized this palette. The quality is low grade. I have beauty supply makeup from Kleancolor and Nicka K better than this shadow. I will say, the blending is good on them, for cheaply made shadow. With the right brushes and technique, they are workable.

-The black liner is trash. Its not dark enough nor does it stick to the water line.

-I like the color set up, the bronzes and golds but the metallic texture is chunky and clumpy.

-DO NOT, if you buy this kit, DO NOT spend $15 on it. Find it on sale. This whole Khroma Beauty thing could have been a hit like the Nicole for OPI polish they did but its a no go for this kit.

Stay tuned....I have TWO other Khroma Beauty palettes to show you.:)))))