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~Swatches + Looks~ Khroma Beauty Kim's Kardazzle Palette....

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Today( the last day), I'm showing you the last of my Khroma Beauty haul with the Kim's Kardazzle Palette. I purchased it at Ulta for 50% off.

 Kim's Kardazzle includes:
4 matte shadows( they have bits of glitter in them)
4 shimmer or metallic eyeshadows
1 blush
1 bronzer
1 highlighter

 Here are the swatches in order as they come in the palette.....
 Today ,I wore only the shadows. I have wore the blush and highlighter a couple of days before...


-I actually liked this palette. I like the combination of blues and greys to make a blue smoky eye or a black grey smoky eye. I can see going to this palette when I want to do looks like those.

-The quality in this palette is a step above the Kourtney's Kardazzle palette or the Shebang palette. The colors are very pigmented and blended well. I was surprised by that. Why is Kim's palette BETTER? LOL! Get yo life.

-The blush is this palette is the bomb. Its like the perfect bright blush that looked great on me. Crazy.

-HOWEVER, don't buy this full price, like wait until  they show up in TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Big Lots.:)