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~Fresh Coat~ Hard Candy Fireworks...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I'm currently working through all of my new Hard Candy polish that I purchased( I only got six) before I purchase anymore. Last week I put on Fireworks, which is a hot pink, red, blue, purple glitter suspended in a fuchsia gloss. I used Milani LE polish in Sweetheart as a base.

 Fireworks has these small confetti string like glitters that do not lay flat after two coats. They make for the texture, even after a top coat, very bumpy.
 Here's a close up, if you can see, the bumpy finish. Fireworks is FIRE, absolutely gorgeous. However, I'm learning with these Hard Candy glitters is that they are not two or more coat glitters. You can get them opaque but the lasting time will be no less than a day and it will start to peel. At least that's what's been happening to me.

I'm one of these nail polish addicts who likes to see what the bottle color looks like on my nails ,so opaque glitter is what I shrive for! lol! Hard Candy is not holding up though. I'm still loving the new polish colors though.:(

Are there any tips out there to keep the glitter polish from not peeling? Let me know in the comments!!