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~Review~ Maybelline FIT Me Shine Free Foundation Stick in 340

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I didn't even know Maybelline FIT Me Shine Free Foundation Stick even existed until I walked into CVS and saw the display. How did I miss this new product launch? lol!

I picked up the color 340 because I have had FIT Me Foundation in the past in 355 and 355 is too dark.

I did a review on the FIT Me pressed powder and liquid foundation in 2011. Here is the LINK to check it out.

 FIT Me Foundation Stick is a foundation stick with a core that suppose help with shine and oil.
 When swatched and rubbed in, it feels powdery and smooth......
 Bare face with a primer and eye brows done...I'll explain the primer in a moment....:)
 With the FIT Me Foundation Stick applied all over. I swatched the stick all over then buffed it in with a flat top brush.

Face all done!


-I have had the stick for over two weeks and I wore it a variety of ways: with primer, without primer, just applied in certain places, and applied all over....

-Unfortunately, I can't wear it without a primer because the shine free core isn't enough to keep the oilies at bay. With a primer, the stick has great wear, just a little glow of shine after a couple of hours.

-The color is a tad bit to light for me. Just a tad. I can tell that the color is a bit off on my skin tone, especially around my mouth where I'm darker.

-The price is really good for a drugstore foundation. At my CVS, it was only $8.99, catch a good sale and you could get it for cheaper.

-I have actually wore this alot, even though the color is wrong. lol! Its easy and fast to apply being a stick foundation. I can't tell you the last time I had a stick foundation. Yeaaarrrrsssssss....literally.

-I wouldn't buy this again, I'm thinking I might put it away for the fall/winter when I'm a little lighter. I tend to get an accidental tan and my dark areas get darker in the summer time.

Have you thought about buying Maybelline FIT Me Shine Free Foundation Stick?