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tarte Beauty Without Boundaries on sale NOW!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I'm excited to introduce you to an One Day Only at QVC special from tarte! Beauty Without Boundaries is a 8 piece set that celebrates the uniqueness of individual beauty. Eight  pieces of beauty wonderfulness tucked into a beautiful chevron print bag for only $59.96.

Of course I'm going to give you my honest impressions on the set....Let's go....:)

  • 1-oz BB tinted treatment primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • 0.08-oz BB tinted undereye corrector--exclusive to QVC until 11/30/13!
  • 0.31-oz Lights, Camera, Flashes! mascara in black
  • 0.009-oz Lights, Camera, Lashes! waterproof inner rim liner in black
  • 0.04-oz LipSurgence power pigment in Awakening, a rose pink--exclusive to QVC until 11/30/13!
  • Special edition complexion brush--exclusive to QVC until 11/30/13!
  • Undereye brush
  • Makeup bag
  • Fair: receive primer in fair and undereye corrector in fair-light
  • Light: receive primer in light and undereye corrector in fair-light
  • Medium: receive primer in medium and undereye corrector in medium-tan
  • Tan: receive primer in tan and undereye corrector in medium-tan
  • Deep: receive primer in tan and undereye corrector in deep
I was sent the Tan kit, so I got the Tan BB tinted treatment primer and the BB tinted undereye corrector in Deep.
BB tinted treatment primer in Tan- I already owned the BB tinted treatment primer in Tan. The color is a tad bit to light to wear alone but the formulation of a BB Cream and primer is amazing and works with my skin. So, I wear another BB Cream or foundation ON TOP of the BB tinted treatment primer and my skin is almost flawless from that duo!

BB tinted undereye corrector in Deep- The undereye corrector has a peach tone that corrects dark circles and dark places on the face instantly. I love it!! I don't own a product like this and its great addiction to my foundation routine.
Special Edition complexion brush and undereye brush- tarte thinks they are slick. Real talk, they have some of the best brushes I've even used  tucked within their collections. They would totally slay the game with a full blown brush set. These brushes are soft and do an excellent job blending the undereye correction and tinted primer. The four brushes included are worth the price of kit. Buy the set for the brushes!!

Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara- Lights, Camera, Lashes is my favorite high end mascara, so I was excited to try the Lights, Camera, Flashes! I didn't like Flashes as much. As I found out, too many coats causes flaking but two or so coats is just fine. I can use this mascara for when I want more natural lashes.

Lights, camera, lashes waterproof 12 hr. inner rim liner- Did they say inner rim liner as in, waterline liner that lasts 12 hours? Yep, I was excited for this product also. Does it work? Not on me. The liner gave me the darkest waterline fill I've seen in a while but it melted after a couple of hours and seeped all into on lower lash line and corners of my eyes. :/ If you are not a watery eyed mess like me, this might be your perfect product.
LipSurgence power pigment in Awakening- Gorgeous, all around pink that worked perfectly on my complexion. Total winner! Plus it's creamy but not greasy and glossy. tarte nailed this formula in a chunky pencil.
Here's the entire look....I look super light because I was standing in the door taking the picture!!! No filters, used.

Worth $60 even if you just buy it for the mascara and brushes. I would have loved a limited edition blush thrown in there though. I love tarte blushes.

Will you be purchasing tarte Beauty Without Boundaries Set? Let me know!!!! BUY HERE!

Disclosure: This set was sent to me from tarte. All opinions are mine and honest. I was not paid for this review.