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DIY Blotting Sheets....

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Disclosure: All products were purchased by me.

Hey Everyone!!

I saw this really interesting "DIY". DIY blotting papers that are just roller end wraps. Roller End wraps are very thin sheets of papers put on rollers to set hair and preserve roller sets.

I went right into one of my hair  product supply drawers and pull out this 500 sheet box of end wraps, took one out and blotted my face....

It worked PERFECTLY!!! Soaked up all the oil on my nose and cheeks, which are my greasiest areas after a couple of hours.

What a great, cheap, very inexpensive way to use end wraps as blotting papers! I think I bought this box of 500 for $1.29. I used to love Clean & Clear's blotting sheets, but you don't get very many. I also love Boscia blotting sheets, but those girls are pricey for blotting papers. You can just got to Sally's Beauty Supply or your local Beauty Supply Store and pick up a box....

My suggestion on carrying these in your purse or makeup bag is to put a couple in a "snack" ziploc bag. Snack ziploc bags are really small but the sheets will fit nice and compact.

So are you going to use end wraps or roller papers as blotting sheets? Let me know!