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Favorite Beauty Hacks and Join the Beauty Hacks Pinterest Board!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

In the last couple of weeks, I've become obsessed with "beauty hacks", exclusive, some times easier ways to apply and use beauty products. More than just a " beauty tip", beauty hacks give you access to ways to do treatments, clean tools and apply products that you may not have heard of or have been exclusive to beauty insiders or companies.

Pinterest is FULL on these amazing hacks, ranging from beauty to life to cooking to crafts and everything in between. I'm more interested in the beauty hacks, of course! Here are some of my favorites so far....

Want to see if your nails are dry?

After you've painted your nails, it's always so hard to tell when they are really dry. Sometimes they seem dry to the touch but 5 seconds later you have a dent in your nail. SOLUTION! When you think your nails are dry, just tap two of your nails together. If there is any resistance, your nails are not ready for you to be moving around a lot. If the nails don't stick to each other at all... you are good to go! (source)

Having a problem with a beauty product?

Never, ever hesitate to call a company if you have a problem with a product. They will often replace it by sending you a coupon for a free product. Keep the old ones so you can give them all the numbers from the product. (source)

I love these beauty hacks!!

So come over and join my Beauty+ Life Hacks Board and follow the board for more great beauty ideas to simplify your life!!

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