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Urban Decay Naked Palette 1, 2 or 3? Which one do I buy?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Recently, I was asked which Urban Decay Naked Palette would I buy? 1,2, or 3?

Here's my humble opinion:)

I own Naked 1. Best $52 I have ever spent on makeup. Naked 1 has been good to me. It's one of the best basic neutral palettes. You can create looks from the palette alone or use some of the colors from the palette with other palettes and shadows to create eye looks from bold to natural.

Naked 2, in my opinion, is very similar is color makeup and color dimensions of the Naked 1 palette but has added darker shades. Its a great palette for smoky eyes.

Naked 3 is the newest baby of the Naked collection. Its got some beautiful pinks and some unique colors only to that palette. I'm currently on the fence about it though. I don't know if I want a $52 palette of pink shades. However, I've seen some great looks created with Naked 3. Plus, I've been going through my palettes, and I don't have any colors similar to Naked 3 colors. I think I may go get it.:)


Definitely buy Naked 1 for classic colors and then pick between 2 and 3, if want another one.

Oh....and there is Naked Basics, a five shadow palette with basic matte neutrals. Some of those shades have said to be in the other Naked palettes or dupes in other palettes outside of Urban Decay. I would skip Naked Basics at $28 and go for the gusto with Naked 1 for $52.

If I could afford it, honestly, I would have all three. lol! I'm a makeup junkie but I'm a savvy in the pocket.:)


Kim J on 3:26 PM said...

I bought Naked 3. It's my first and only UD Naked palette. I adore it.

Kim J on 3:27 PM said...

I have Naked 3. I adore it. It's my first & only UD Naked product.
~Kim (@agirlaboutstyle)