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5 Ways to Save Money on Hair Products.....

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

While I was washing my hair on Friday, I had an idea. I always have ideas when I wash my hair! Anyway, I thought I would share how I save on hair products. I'm natural ( 5 years) and on a tight budget and those two don't always add up. If you have natural hair, you know that products can eat your pockets alive! However, I think my tips can work with any kind of hair.

Quick Disclosure: I'm not a hair professional, so if what you are doing is working for you, DO IT.

#1 Use regular conditioner as a deep conditioner. 

I can remember when I didn't even deep condition, now I can't go a week without "DC'ing". However, deep conditioners are almost always more expensive than regular conditioners. But some regular conditioners have the same benefits as deep conditioners. And they are cheaper. I use a regular conditioner as a DC, put on a plastic cap for 20 mins and wash it out. I personally have the same results with both products, done both ways

#2 Dilute your shampoo.

I have dry hair, so I co-wash ( wash my hair with a conditioner wash shampoo) but before I co-wash, I wash my scalp only with a sulfate shampoo. Sulfate shampoos clean my scalp really good but if I get too much on my hair, I can automatically feel the stripping. So, I dilute the shampoo with water. I pour a dime size of shampoo in my hand then I let some water in my hand, swish it around, then apply to my scalp. In one wash with this method, my scalp is clean and I've used less shampoo.

#3 Stop being heavy handed.

Be conscience of the amount of product that you are using so you can stretch it longer. One way I do this, especially with my moisturizer that runs $20 shipped, is that I apply a small amount and comb it through my hair. That way, my hair get saturated properly with the small amount of product I use. Then, I'm not over using it. I was amazed the first time I used a small amount of my beloved moisturizer and combed it through and the style after was perfect.

#4 DIY your product.

Need a conditioner or a leave in or a styling product? Take your self to Pinterest and search "DIY Name That Product" and I guarantee you will find a recipe that will help you make your own hair product and possibly save some money.

#5 Shop hair products in different places.

I've noticed that some really great quality hair products for all hair types with low prices are at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Ollie's and the list goes on and on. Don't regulate yourself to just Walmart and Target or online. Next time you are walking through the mall, stop in a salon and see what sales they are having on products. Or check around the beauty departments of your favorite department stores. Step out the box when shopping for hair products.

Share some of your tips on saving on hair products in the comments! I'm always looking for some good ideas:))