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Review & Swatches: Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix......

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Disclosure: I purchase all these items on my own.

Hey Everyone!!

I placed an order with Colour Pop Cosmetics on Thanksgiving. After watching a zillion hauls and swatches on the brand and I wasn't impressed. It wasn't until I saw a IG photo of vlogger/blogger Ellarie wearing the shade Ellarie, I was sold. 

 I picked only four colours of the Lippie Stix, just to feel them out: Grind, Dalia, Ellarie, and Brink.
 Grind, Dalia, Ellarie, and Brink
Top Row: Ellarie and Dalia
Bottom Row: Grind and Brink


Quality- great coverage, one layer of color did the trick, they go on like a satin lipstick but have a dry down quality that turns them matte. They last ok, not through eating and drinking though, but I didn't expect them to.

Color- I love all the colors except Brink. It just doesn't flatter my complexion. Grind is a MAC Heroine dupe.  Check it out below.....

Left: MAC Heroine  Right: Colour Pop Grind. Grind maybe slightly darker but you be the judge.


I will be getting a couple (3 or 4 more colors) and the next order will be some their shadows to try too!


My shipping took about a week in a half, about 6 business days. I did order on Thanksgiving night. I also wasn't sent a shipping notice for 4 business days. So, be mindful if you order, your goodies may not come as fast because of the popularity of the brand now and the holidays. I was told that by a CS agent from Colour Pop in a email. :)


Tym09 on 1:09 PM said...

Thanks for this post!

FirstClass Glam on 4:20 AM said...

wow great post, I like the brink color, but it took a while to get to you thats shaky