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DIY Kate Spade Glitter Earrings........

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I was trolling Instagram on Friday night and came across a post from someone I follow about DIY Kate Spade glitter earrings. I was like "The glitter earrings I've pinned about a million times on Pinterest are an easy DIY?!?!?"

The Earrings. They retail $38 a pair and are sold out.

I was in Walmart the NEXT DAY to buy supplies.

Yep....Did that!! Here's how....
You will need:

A clear rhinestone stud pair of earrings. I chose the ones sold at Walmart because those are the ones most of the DIYs on IG and Pinterest are using because they are around the same size as the Kate Spade ones. But you can use any rhinestone stud earrings you like.

Glitter polish. I have a TON of glitter polish.

Clear Fast Dry Nail Polish.
Basically you apply the polish to your liking. So if you want the earrings completely opaque with glitter, you will do a couple of layers.

 Allow the layers to dry a bit before applying another layer. That method allows the glitter to adhere. 

When you have the coats to your liking, apply a clear of coat of fast dry polish all over the earring, including the metal parts, so that it will not tarnish.

I did my earrings at night, so I allowed it to dry overnight and they were perfect for next day wear!

Here are some gold ones I made. I'm OBSESSED! I need to make some silver glitter ones next!!

Are you going to try this DIY? Let me know in the comments!