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Style Friday! 5 Tips on Caring For Your Costume Jewelry......

Friday, January 02, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

The majority of the jewelry I wear is costume jewelry. Some of it's really cheap ( like $1, cheap) and some of it is more pricey. However, I treat it all the same. I have costume jewelry earrings and necklaces that are well over 10 years old and in excellent shape because I give them the same care as my more expensive jewelry. I want all of it to last as long as I like to wear it!! Here my top 5 tips on caring for my costume jewelry....

1) Keep it in the plastic until you are ready to wear it.

Alot of $1 jewelry and beauty supply jewelry comes packaged in small plastic bags, so when I store it, I keep it the bag until I'm ready to wear it. That keeps it from tarnishing before I wear it. I also jewelry that comes on cards or hooks intact for the same reason.

2) Keep your jewelry in boxes.

My pricey costume pieces are in white jewelry boxes( you can find these at Michael's) to protect them from the air and elements of the house.I keep my bangles in decorative storage boxes( Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General). I love this method because it reminds me of my Great Aunt Maxine, who had TONS of gorgeous REAL pieces and kept all of it in white jewelry boxes in dresser. My Granny did the same thing.:)

3)Rest your wears.

When I get a good pair of light weight, perfect circle hoops, I want to wear them everyday of the week! I learned to rest my wears of some of favorite piece so that don't start tarnish or fall apart and they last longer.

4)Put on jewelry after all perfume has dried.

I can't tell you how many of my favorite necklaces have been ruined by perfume. I learned to put on the perfume first, let it dry down, then the jewelry. I also have a different way of spraying my scent to stay away from my jewelry. I only spray between my bosom, behind my ears, (the higher part of my ears) and the folds of my elbows( instead of my wrist).

5)Don't wash hands or dishes in rings or bracelets.

I take off all rings and bracelets before any washing of the hands, then I dry my hands completely and put the jewelry back on. If I have to use any hand lotions, I normally just put it on my palms only( I need it there the most) with my rings and bracelets on.

If you wear costume do you conserve your favorite jewelry? Let me know in the comments!


Antionette Blake on 12:51 AM said...

Great tips, also clear nail polish can be a good way to keep your "gold" from tarnishing. #BlmGirls

FirstClass Glam on 7:47 PM said...

This post was helpful I'm terrible with containing my costume jewelry. you know about the old clear nail polish trick, where you paint your costume jewelry with clear nail polish and it sustains it for a long time, well a while back a women told me to get clear enamel spray, which is basically clear spray paint that provides a protective coat on what ever it is sprayed on to prevent rust, corrosion, tarnishing and chipping. I have yet to try it but it sounds credible.

Jamie J on 10:56 PM said...

@Antoinette Black and First Class Glam- I totally forgot about the clear polish trick!! I used to do that back in the day when I wore alot gold toned hoops. I've tried the clear spray trick and it didn't work for me. I might try it again and update it here on the blog.