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How To Get Your Hands On Sold Out Lilly For Target The Savvy Way...... #lillyfortarget

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

I've been fully amused by this Lilly for Target situation that has terrorized the preppy shopper. I'm not a Lilly fan but I FEEL the pain.  I've been in the middle of several MAC collection online sell outs. A NYX 50% off  online sale that made so mad I wouldn't wear NYX for a LONG time. I was in the middle of the Target x Missoni bs four years ago. I ended up with a blanket throw.

A blanket first.

Then I went back to Target over a couple weeks and found that returns has came through and ended up with some makeup bags and other items.

I'm going to give you a couple of tips on how to get your hands on this sold out collection the smart and easy way.

First, things first....Target is saying there will be no restock. However....

1) Keep checking the store for Lilly returns. 

Go to customer service first and check over that counter and see what's back there. If you want it that bad, you will scoop the back counter and ask can you see the Lilly returns.

2) Ebay is not going to give you any glory, so saved those scalloped edged tears for Instagram and Facebook.

I've already seen on Instagram some decent deals for less than Ebay. Instagram search #lillyfortarget and you find already SEVERAL resale accounts. Make sure if you do a purchase, they send you a Paypal invoice( no Paypal Friends & Family, it doesn't protect a refund, if needed) and you pay via Paypal. Ask questions too: "When do you ship?", "How do you ship". Don't buy for anyone that shows a stock photo and not the real purchase photo. Stock photo just screams flim flam.

I just saw a girl on a Kate Spade planner group sell Lilly For Target headties so resale groups will be popping up. Search for Lilly for Target resale groups or Lilly Pulitzer groups on Facebook. Use common sense when purchasing.

3) Check the Goodwill.

 Target donates to Goodwill Industries in most cities. In about month or two, some of that Lilly stuff will show up there. I've seen with my own eyes those designer collections show at the GW. Last week I saw several pieces of that Peter Pilotto collection at a local Goodwill. I'm always shocked at some of the Target stuff that ends up there, so don't be afraid to venture in there within the next two or three months maybe be earlier. I bought several pieces of that new plus size line Ava & Viv and that was just released in February.

4)Keep your eyes and ears open.

 Real shoppers know that Ebay is not the end all be all. Google, google, for small cities with small Targets, you may have to do a road trip. I've seen people do it.