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Rue 21 Rue Beaute' Electric Eye Shadow Palette ( possible Urban Decay Electric Palette dupe)......

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hey Everyone!

A beauty addict friend of mine alerted a FB beauty board we are on about a possible Urban Decay Electric Palette dupe sitting up in Rue 21, of all places. After she showed swatches, the board went into overdrive trying to locate the Rue Beaute' Electric Eye palette. I found my palette on the first Rue 21 I went into. It was priced at $6.99.

 You know I'm down with buying makeup ANYWHERE!!
 The palette consists of 12 colors, all shimmers except one( in my opinion and that's the bright pink that is matte)

 Top row swatches ( they do not have individual names)
 Bottom row swatches......


I do not own the Urban Decay Electric Palette to do comparisons. So I'm not comparing the two in quality or texture, only going by the similarities in color and name.

Apply the Rue Beaute' palette with a flat eye shadow brush dry produces a powdery, fall out mess. It's essentially trash used dry as shown on the LEFT EYE (above photo).

HOWEVER, used with a synthetic brush wet with MAC Fix+( technique also known as foiling) the colors are amazing, producing beautiful bold and bright eye look as shown on the RIGHT EYE (above photo).
I did three days of looks using the foiling technique and got some beautiful looks.

Honestly, if you want a bright and bold shadow palette used dry and wet but not at the Urban Decay price point, don't buy this palette. It takes to much work even for my taste. BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette is a GREAT choice of a bright palette that has quality shadows at a lower price and just a few dollars more than the Rue Beaute' palette plus more shadows( 30 to be exact).

So....give me your thoughts? Worth the buy or leave Rue 21 to trendy clothes?