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Scentbird April 2015 Unboxing.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I know there are not alot of 2nd month Scentbird unboxings on the internet. I know because I checked. I've found that subscription boxes tend to  change after the 1st month. That 1st box, they want you to be excited so it's perfect, then that 2nd, 3rd, 4th month becomes....interesting.

I received my 2nd Scentbird shipment in a pretty decent time frame after was shipped. I would say about three business days, just like the 1st one. Initially, when I checked my Scentbird account on April 15, 2015( because I had not received a shipping confirmation and it ships on the 15th), it had me not even receiving an April scent. It had next shipment for May 15, 2015. I thought they had skipped a month on me and didn't tell me!! But it was resolved within hours, and I received my April scent.

 I chose Jimmy Choo Stars. It is EVERYTHING. I immediately thought "I've been wearing wayyy too many cheap perfumes because this smells expensive!!" LOL! That right there tells you I haven't had a "good" perfume in years.

After the 1st shipment, you don't get an atomizer, you only got the refill to put in the atomizer. This the box Jimmy Choo Stars came in.

****I did have a problem.****

 Jimmy Choo Stars would not spray. It would only squirt the scent out. I tried twisting the top, putting it in and out the atomizer but it only squirted the perfume out. I contacted Scentbird and they are sending me a replacement. I already have the tracking so, we will see, when it shows up.

Are subscribed to Scentbird?? What month are you on? 1st, 2nd, 3rd???


Lisa Hardman on 1:12 PM said...


Numba. What new foolery have you introduced me to?