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Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box Unboxing June 2014 + Coupon Code Link.....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Everyone!!!

I received my third Scentbird Perfume Subscription on June 20th, which was last week. I've noticed that the packages are going out later and later. My first box came on the 15th( which is the day it is promised to arrive), My 2nd box was later, like on the 18th and this box on the 20th. I had to email Scentbird on the 17th because I had not received a tracking email. I received my tracking moments later. I'm ALREADY super impatient with shipping logistics.

Just tell the truth, ya'll don't ship on the 15th. Ok?!?!

But Scentbird hits my Paypal Mastercard like CLOCKWORK for that payment on the 5th. #tea

I had Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture Eau De Perfum in my queue for June 2015. This is what keeps me subscribed....I can get high end, luxury perfume for $15 in a 30 day supply. I'm not ordering Marc Jacobs Daisy or DKNY Cashemere Mist. I can buy those scents at Walmart. I love the smell Jeanne Lanvin Couture.It's so warm, sexy and unique! Check out the notes HERE!

Next month, I suppose to receive Bulgari Mon Jasmin L'Eau Exquise.

Save 25% off your first month (making it around $11.00!!) by clicking HERE! Save some money and get a high end designer fragrance in the process.:)


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