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Review: Always Off Unique Cloths (Makeup Eraser Dupe)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

Ya'll know I'm always down for a dupe.

So the tea on the beauty blogsphere is that Always Off Unique Cloths( sold at Walmart for $2.98, well at MY Walmart) are  The Original Make Up Eraser Dupe (sold at Sephora for $20). I don't own the Sephora one so this is not a comparison post, just a quick review. Stank you very much!!

I went on my IG and posted a pic of Always Off and asked my divas how to use these cloths. The two answers I received were either with or with out cleanser. Just wet the cloth and remove the makeup.

I tried both ways, and of course the cleanser way took off more makeup because of the product. However, when simply wet, the cloth does work. It does remove makeup. Even hard to remove mascara. It does require a bit of "elbow grease" if you will. You are not going just lightly wipe and the makeup will magically come off. You going to have to WIPE it off, if you understand me. So if you are one to be sensitive about pulling and tugging of the skin( I'm not, but I'm not rough with my face either), this is not for you.

What I see is a microfiber material in a towel. Walmart has a cheap version than the Sephora but this towel is the same thing as the microfiber towel people dry their hair with. What a damn hustle! Why didn't think of that!! The mark up on the Sephora  sold version is the grand hustle!

Have you tried Always Off or the Make Up Eraser? Let me know in the comments!!