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CVS haul of the Day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ya'll will notice that i live in CVS b/c there's no MAC counter or Sephora for miles.I'll let ya know what i buy and review it so you can go there or Wal-Hell , Walgreens or Edkerd to get it if you like.I've become the make it work queen when it comes to drugstore makeup.

Wet n'Wild Mega Pump Bronzer in Brazilian Bronze-Since they did a overhaul of their packaging and displays WNW has intro'd some new goodies.I've always like WNW lipstick they have no name just numbers. This bronzer is light,unscented(big plus!)and mixes amazingly with foundation.When the summer comes aroundI become very bronzer obssessed.I never can find the right one. But this one is real good for the face.I just wish it came in a mega size(it's only 0.88 oz) so that used it all over but I 'm sure i'll clean out CVS' supply this summer.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheer in Bronze-Okay if Gabrielle Union is pumping up Neutrogena like crazy then why is this bronzer so ashy?It looks really grey on my skin and too much come out on the brush.I feel like returning it but might make it work like on my body or something.


Kimberly on 5:21 PM said...

Try mixing the mineral sheer with a really good moisturizing lotion for a nice sheen on your arms and legs in the summer or maybe you can try to mix it with bronzer that's a shade or three deeper.