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The Definition of City-itis

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One sunday my sons' father, my boys and I were at CVS in my rural hometown. When we came out all the doors on car were unlocked except for his.I said'"You locked your door?" He said"Oh, yeah, i must have"City-itis"" meaning people in the "city" lock their doors.I thought to myself,"I used to lock the door, too. But now it doesn't even matter".Later on I was thinking how would i define the diesease that i once had to when i had to lock my doors.City-itis is rational things you do when you live a metropolitan area to keep sanity, safety,and happiness. Things such as locking doors,road rage, checkout line rage, simple rage at people who are not moving fast enough.Or choosing the mall over Wal-Mart, Olive Garden over homemade,Putting your seat belt on( which sometimes don't do down here in the country), or Sephora over CVS.Never did shop at CVS for all my makeup or layaway stuff, i bought it at Norstrom and Sephora. But all that changed when i moved back "home".But it all about survival. If you are a fashion obssessed/beauty product ho/gourmet eating girl like me you GOT to survive and I have many testimonies to give!


Kendra on 8:31 PM said...

I can relate...