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My 10 Beauty Rules!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm one of those women that if I don't take care of myself i will look like a mess. I mean i have to eat right and exercise or i'll be squeezing in a size 18 again. Last month two boxes of Girl Scout Trefoils put five pound back on my back side. If I don't cleanse my face faithfully I will brake out like i'm 15 years old in high school again. So I have 10 rules that I live by so that will look decent and in order!

1.Take care of your skin-My grandmother(who died 10 years ago this year) religiously applied Oil of olay to her flawless face twice a day.I remember pressing my nose to her face for a whif of her divine scent. She always told me take care of my skin. Through years of trial and error, i have discovered that my formula is to visit the dermatologist twice a year( beginning of summer and winter) to assess my skin.Also cleanse twice daily with a non-soapy cleanser like Philosophy Purity Made Simple and moisterize with mark Vita surge.I give myself weekly mini facials with a scrub by Lumene and mask by(Depending on how my skin "feeling")mark or Lumene. And most important drink lots and lots of water to flush the impurities. I prefer Aquafina as my fav.

2.Get Pedicures all year around-You never know when your feet are going to be out.I normally go to nail salon in the summer but in the winter I give them myself.

3.Have a great gloss and mascara you can wear everyday-I used to (before having a set of twin boyz!) put on a full diva glam face. But now, beacause I'm always running out of time, I will do gloss( I have many:)) and one of my favorite mascaras, Cover Girl Lash Exact or Max Factor Lash Perfection.

4.Collect different fragrances for different moods( like a wardrobe)-I have a girlfriend that every time I see her she smells Cool Water Woman.I mean when we are at church,over at the house chilling,even her car smells like Cool Water.I asked her one day was that all she liked. She told me that she didn't have alot of fragrances to choose from. I told her she needed "Build" on her senses and try some to new things.When I want smell clean I might wear Philosophy Amazing Grace or if I want to be"sweet"I wear Hanai Mori. But my secret get that boy scent is Jessica McClintock with Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Lotion.Sometimes it works!

5.Pamper Thy self-I mean it!

6.Know what you are using-What your girfriend uses sometimes does not work on you.
Pay attention to ingredites and how they work on your skin.

7.Don' t try to make someone else's face yours-Alot of time we will got to the MAC,Bobbi Brown or Clinique counter and see the counter girl and become envious. Then she makes us up like her and we look like a clown. If you see your girl bare faced and it looks good, it might not look to "Ethereal" on you.Same with your diva-fab girlfriend whose face looks like a MAC postcard.Go through some magazines and pick your fav looks and see what you like to look like. A good face is a labor of love.

8.Know what you are buying-Don't be sucker.Research first!

9.Refresh every season-I always change my moisterizer, cleanser,and foundation for the season. It helps keep my skin clear and gives me fresh outlook plus its great shopping therapy and an excuse to buy something new.

10.Never sleep with your makeup- a simple solution for lazy girls like myself.Keep Ponds Wipes near your bed so if you do go to sleep and wake up rubbing mascara into your eye, grab,wipe, toss and get up the morning and wash your face and use a clay mask to pull the dirt out of your pores like mark Healthy shots Cucumber Balancing Mini Facial or Lumene Arctic Touch Purifying Peat-Facial Mask.



Kendra on 7:19 PM said...

Exccellent tips! I love your blog...

brantoinette on 5:22 PM said...

Hey Chick...good tips, thanks for all you do!