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My Wishlist(as of 3/27/06)...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I always make a wishlist. This might sound materiallistic but it keeps me focused on things i want because i like nice things! it's a every growing list and I like to think that everything on it is attainable. Plus, its fun to make! Like mind shopping! Here it is!

Go Smile Kit
DKNY Red Delicious
Delman Flats
Juicy Couture Bag
Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress
Something form Tracy Reese
Spanx panties
Brita Water system
Hanky Panky Thongs
MJB Share My World CD
Faith Evans Faithfully CD
Iman's Makeup Book
Mason Pearson Brush
a Laptop
Boscia Acne Gel
Jessica McClintock parfun(The original)
Mont Blanc (Parfum)
XM Radio for my car
a Saturn Vue
Destiny's Child Live CD
Fresh's Bulgarian Rose Parfum
Goldie Cosmetics Kit in Kitten
Tiffany's Teardrop Necklace
Old Navy Tanks Tops
My own place
T.I's new CD
A really great new boyfriend
A real vacation( like to St.Lucia or London or Austin TX)
Baby Phat Goddess
Loreal HIP Bronzer
a bedroom lamp


Brantoinette on 5:26 PM said...

"A real vacation( like to St.Lucia or London or Austin TX)"

Are you serious about vacationing in Austin, TX?? Why do I ask? I live in Austin, TX and have been here for the past 14+ yrs...